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Shared HR Services A prologue

Open Mind is an experienced KPO in the field of HR Shared Services, with an expert knowledge of 7yrs from servicing some elite clienteles all over the country.

When an Organization attains the growth and establishes itself in a multi location multi unit portfolio the primary drivers for the scalability and sustainable market leadership becomes optimization in terms of

The typical organizational response in order to create efficient service delivery is towards creating an execution and resource framework to operate in a consolidated and centralized fashion.

High performing organizations know that the negative impact of decentralized and inconsistent service delivery is high.

When faced with these challenges, many organizations focus quickly on driving transactional efficiency and turn to the structural benefits of shared services such as centralization of resources and labor arbitrage.

Shared services is not, however, simply about reducing the cost of the Human Resources (HR) function. It is also about creating the enduring foundation needed to achieve consistently high and compliant HR service delivery.

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We have assembled a diverse panel of skilled and passionate HR professionals to coordinate a flawless transition with their valuable insights and competent industry tools.

Naveen Gulati

The dynamic entrepreneur is the driving force behind the organization.


This woman of substance handles all the operations here. Always a hands-on leader!


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